Building Knowledge

ESC embraces science, technology, engineering, art and math curricula. The wide diversity of fields involved in making ESC’s projects successful also give us the opportunity to teach cross-curriculum lessons to students of all ages.


Hands-on activities enhance students’ understanding of difficult concepts while encouraging collaboration from a young age. ESC has developed a number of these activities to be used at a wide variety of educational events. They actively encourage the learner and engage their attention. Activities might include building a model or participating in a kinesthetic learning project

School Visits

Engage students in a new subject without ever leaving the classroom. ESC education efforts focus on a cross-curriculum approach, demonstrating the connections between seemingly unrelated subjects. Students might learn about science in an art class, or an ESC expert in math might demonstrate how he or she also works with technology. Our education professionals and even our engineers, scientists and technologists are dedicated to providing meaningful learning opportunities to students across the country.

Field Trips

A change of scenery can inspire students and jumpstart their learning, and there’s no place quite like a space center. Students have the opportunity to come to Goddard and learn more about the center’s projects, including space communications. Educational experts will lead the students on a tour to some of the major landmarks at Goddard, possibly even including the Network Integration Center. The NIC receives all communications from astronauts even before they make their way to mission control in Houston. The students will also engage in hands-on learning opportunities throughout the day.

NASA's Speakers Bureau

Teacher Resources

ESC embraces STEAM education and is dedicated to providing educators worldwide with learning activities for students of all levels. In 2017, we launched Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS)-M, the latest in a long series of communications spacecraft. Many of our activities, linked below, use TDRS as a real-world example to help students learn about technology and engineering. Check back often or follow us on social media as our array of educational resources grows.

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Education Background
Stimulate students’ minds and amplify STEAM learning objectives with our experts and resources.