Merging Technology, Development and Innovation

ESC’s offices take a two-pronged approach to their projects: contributing new and innovative ideas to the NASA community, and developing and updating existing technology to meet constantly evolving requirements. To nurture creative thinking and problem-solving, the division focuses on the new perspective every employee, from organization leaders to interns, brings. From these perspectives arise innovation, producing never-before-seen technologies and solutions for pressing NASA challenges, and creative ways to adapt current technology, increasing efficiency and maximizing the potential of time-tested assets. The Technology Enterprise and Mission Pathfinder Office (TEMPO) was developed to grow and develop these types of initiatives.

Technology Development

ESC constantly seeks to update and improve NASA’s existing exploration and space communications systems. As systems and hardware age, ESC develops new technology and solutions to overcome current challenges. Three of ESC’s projects focus regularly on technology development. The TDRS and SGSS projects are entirely dedicated to developing solutions to upgrade the Space Network. The SAR organization serves as a research-and-development power house for national and international search-and-rescue efforts. But technology development is not isolated to these offices – it infuses the entire division and its various projects. Learn more about TEMPO

Opening New Frontiers

ESC is leading the development of a ground-breaking next-generation architecture that will make communicating with spacecraft more streamlined and convenient to all users.

By unifying ESC’s two existing networks, the Space Network and Near Earth Network, and making improvements to their technology, the team can better support the communications needs of tomorrow’s near-Earth missions. Higher data rates, greater flexibility and continued reliability will enable NASA missions to look further into the universe and collect more data than ever before. ESC also aims to make the system interoperable with future commercial and government networks, making communications more efficient and cost-effective for all. ESC calls this new system the Space Mobile Network.

Read more about this new approach to space communications.

Innovation Background
Our passions: Driving advances to enable science, technology and space exploration.