Resources for Our Customers

For our customers and other interested parties, we have included below a Space Communications and Navigation services catalog. Also included are the user’s guides for our networks to help you learn more about our services, and a new customer questionnaire to help you begin your journey with us. If we can do it for more than 40 missions, we can do it for you.

SCaN Service Catalog
NIMO New Customer Questionnaire
Near Earth Network Compatibility Matrix
Jerry Mason, NIMO Chief

Services and Resources

NIMO will assist user missions with obtaining services from other non-SCaN entities and partners, including, but not limited to, other NASA organizations, other government agencies, and international and commercial partners.

Our Mission

The Networks Integration Management Office (NIMO) connects customers and missions to communications services and resources around the world. Starting in the earliest stages of a mission, NIMO’s expert staff can tailor a communications solution to meet customer needs. Not only does NIMO provide the customer options using Goddard’s integrated networks, but they act as liaisons with other U.S. agencies and commercial entities, as well as foreign governments, to best support each mission’s unique needs.

NIMO has the tools to help your mission succeed. Contact the team to get involved early because without communications, there is no mission.

NIMO Background

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Request for Services
A new project or mission engages NIMO to help with their communications systems and services. A NIMO network integration specialist will be assigned to facilitate the mission.
Clarify Requirements
A network integration manager works with the customer to identify mission characteristics and requirements that are pertinent to Space Communications and Navigation services. NIMO collects preliminary requirements from the customer through its customer questionnaire, which is intended to provide sufficient information to conduct preliminary networks feasibility and radio-frequency analysis.
RF & Coverage/Loading Assessment
NIMO conducts radio-frequency and coverage analyses to determine whether and how the networks will satisfy the requirements.
Detailed Mission Requirements
NIMO collects requirements from the customer through discussions, interactions and meetings, from which the networks will configure to provide services.
RF & Coverage/Loading Assessment
NIMO updates the radio-frequency and coverage analyses using the requirements to finalize the approach the networks will take to satisfy mission coverage and loading.
Establish RFICD and PSLA
As a result of the analyses, NIMO establishes a Radio Frequency Interface Control Document and a Project Service Level Agreement, which is required to begin work in earnest.
Compatibility Testing
During compatibility testing, NIMO tests the customer’s communications system with a duplicate networks communication system to ensure they will work together.
Dynamic Analysis and RFICD
Based on compatibility testing and the RFICD, NIMO performs dynamic analyses of the ability to maintain communications with a customer system during maneuvers and spacecraft movement and updates the RFICD as needed.
Network Validation
NIMO tests the integration of the customer's requirements in the network to ensure end-to-end connectivity is established and maintained.
End-to-End Test
NIMO conducts a mission end-to-end test prior to launch to verify the system supports requirements and to maintain proficiency of both parties.
Operations Concept
NIMO draws up an operational support plan from the customer's launch and early orbit operations concept to inform network elements of the spacecraft executive plans.
Mission Operations Readiness Review
A Mission Operations Readiness Review is held with the network elements and the customer to establish the readiness of the network to meet mission requirements and to review and disposition any risks and outstanding actions.
Launch and/or Command Operations
The operations team conducts the planned services, potentially including launch vehicle and/or payload network services. The customer's operations team conducts planned mission activities while the network provides required services during pre-launch, launch, early orbit, and on-orbit operations.
Lessons Learned and Post Mission Report
NIMO provides customer a summary of launch events from a networks perspective, identifies any incidents or issues and conducts an internal lessons learned review to evaluate effectiveness of pre- and post-launch activities.
The mission team audits the mission documentation to confirm that all documentation has been completed and published as required and closes out the mission file.
Contact us early and often to develop communications solutions for your mission.
Network Integration Process